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Lincoln Park Operations Center

Client: County of Hudson
Location: Jersey City, NJ
Typology: Government
Size: 14,560 sq ft
Project Features: Parks Department Offices
Equipment maintenance
Vehicle Storage
Vehicle Fueling Station
Green Roof
Geothermal Heating and Cooling
Photo Credit: James Leynse

Project Details (PDF)

The Lincoln Park Operations Center provides offices, vehicle storage, workshops and a greenhouse for the Hudson County Parks Department. The design of this new facility seeks to condense a number of user groups in a centralized facility.

With the site situated within a flood plain, the finish floor of the new structure is raised above the new FEMA flood elevations. Implementation of bioswales, permeable surfacing, and a xeriscaped surfaces and green roofs attempt to address stormwater quality and quantity to the greatest extent possible. Building orientation and massing is defined by site circulation and grading constraints as well as solar orientation. The building streamlines the operations of the various site user groups by offering shared services where appropriate while providing discreet circulation patterns.

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